Truck Accidents

When trying to recover damages as a result of a truck accident, you will almost always be dealing with an insurance company. The goal of the insurance adjuster is to settle cases and save the insurance company as much money as possible. Without a truck accident attorney, the settlement process proceeds completely on the adjuster’s terms. This scenario will never yield the best possible result for you. Your attorney’s job is to level the playing field. Their main goal is to settle your claim to maximize your compensation. If you have been involved in a truck accident in Virginia, you should contact a truck accident lawyer quickly to ensure that you receive all of the compensation to which you are entitled.

Personal injury lawsuits almost always result when someone’s negligence towards another person causes bodily injury or harm. In Virginia, in order for you to prevail with your personal injury claim in a truck accident, you must prove that you have been injured by another party’s careless or reckless actions or inaction. 

At Oropeza Law Firm, LLC., we will provide you with a truck accident attorney who will take care of all the interactions between insurance companies so that you can focus on healing and recovery. While you and/or your loved ones recover from your accident, Oropeza Law Firm will be your advocate and represent your interests to all parties involved so that you receive the compensation you deserve for your sufferings – bodily injuries, property damage, lost wages, and pains and sufferings.

We understand the confusion that can follow a truck accident, but if you follow the steps below, you could help your car accident attorney to best represent your interests and seek maximum compensation for your sufferings.

  • At the scene of the accident: Gather as much information as possible about the truck accident – photographs of the scene and injuries and damaged property, location, time, parties involved (including names, license plates, insurance information, contact information), nature/cause of the accident, witnesses present, police officers at the scene.
  • After the accident: If you or anyone in the vehicle suffer injuries of any kind as a result of your accident, seek any/all medical attention necessary. It is important for you to get checked out even if you don’t immediately notice an injury, as symptoms do not always present right away. Our highest priority as your truck accident attorney is that you and anyone else in the vehicle receive appropriate medical treatment and recover from injuries related to this accident.

Due to the Statute of Limitations in Virginia (see below), it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer or truck accident lawyer as soon as possible so that your claim can be filed.

Statute of Limitations in Virginia:

An important note related to truck accidents in Virginia is that a claim must be filed within three years of the date of the truck accident in order for compensation to be sought and received. If your claim is not filed in time, you will not be able to receive compensation for any damages from the accident, whether they be bodily injuries, property damages, or other pains and sufferings. For this reason, it is important to contact a personal injury attorney or truck accident attorney who will be able to represent your interests during this difficult time so that you can move past this incident as quickly as possible and receive the compensation that you deserve.